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Polyshield Shutter |

Why Polyshield Shutters

The ultimate Shutter, made from environmentally friendly, highly durable thermo polymer foam, our Polyshield Shutters are exclusively designed and manufactured in Brisbane, Australia by EziLux. When compared to traditional Shutters, Polyshield Shutters don’t crack, chip warp or hold moisture, and are designed to never go out of fashion, no matter what decor you choose. 

1. Reduce Your Energy Bills
EziLux Shutters are designed precisely to keep your home cooler during the hot summer months, and to perfectly capture those late afternoon breezes. But did you know that 30% of a room’s warmth can be lost through your windows during winter? PolyShield Shutters insulate up to 70% more efficiently than wooden Shutters, and an astounding 1600% more efficiently than aluminium Blinds.

3. Water Resistant Shutters
PolyShield Shutters an ideal choice for climates that have high humidity, but even if you don’t live in a high humidity environment, the water-resistant properties mean you can use EziLux PolyShield Shutters in places where traditional Shutters would warp. For example, over a sink, in a bathroom, or even near a swimming pool.


2. Shutters That Last 
PolyShield Shutters are made from a stylish, durable material that is UV stabilised to ensure that they don’t fade over time or require repainting. PolyShield Shutters are engineered to withstand extremes of heat, humidity, are fire-retardant and completely impervious to termites. Put simply, the elegant PolyShield Shutters you install today will look just as good in the decades to come.

4. Australian-made for Australian conditions
Most Shutters that are installed in Australia are manufactured overseas and imported. EziLux PolyShield Shutters are proudly designed and manufactured right here in Australia to the highest of manufacturing standards, so you can enjoy their stylish contemporary looks and benefits while supporting Australian jobs and families.


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